• Extra rántotta
    Extra rántotta
  • DinerM morning Burger
    DinerM morning Burger
  • Bundás kenyér
    Bundás kenyér
  • Brutál rántotta
    Brutál rántotta
  • Hamburger baconnal és sattal
    Hamburger baconnal és sattal
  • Bacon satos Hot dog
    Bacon satos Hot dog
  • Barbecue burger
    Barbecue burger
  • Bbq ribs
    Bbq ribs
  • Bélszínes wrap
    Bélszínes wrap
  • Broadway saláta
    Broadway saláta
  • Brutál Burger
    Brutál Burger
  • Chili con carne
    Chili con carne
  • Csirkés steak szendvics
    Csirkés steak szendvics
  • Csirkeszárnyak
  • Delux szendvics
    Delux szendvics
  • Elenor steak
    Elenor steak
  • Fajitas
  • Fish burger
    Fish burger
  • Fűszeres hagymás burger
    Fűszeres hagymás burger
  • Giga hamburger
    Giga hamburger
  • Giga hamburger
    Giga hamburger
  • Jalapeno
  • Kakukkfüves gombás jércemell
    Kakukkfüves gombás jércemell
  • Mexikói csirkesaláta
    Mexikói csirkesaláta
  • Mexikói mix
    Mexikói mix
  • Mexikói wrap
    Mexikói wrap
  • Mustáros tarja steak
    Mustáros tarja steak
  • Pulykás sajtos zárt szendvics
    Pulykás sajtos zárt szendvics
  • Rantott camambert áfonyával
    Rantott camambert áfonyával
  • Steak gombával
    Steak gombával
  • Mandarinos Steak
    Mandarinos Steak
  • Steak rózsabors mártással
    Steak rózsabors mártással
  • Nopal Chef Saláta
    Nopal Chef Saláta
  • Western csirkemell
    Western csirkemell
  • Bacon sajtos hot dog
    Bacon sajtos hot dog
  • Nutellás meggyes pancake
    Nutellás meggyes pancake
  • Fagylaltkehely gyümölcsökkel
    Fagylaltkehely gyümölcsökkel



Toast  790
with ham and cheese  
Scrambled eggs with cheese 790
Scrambled eggs with bacon 890
Scrambled eggs with ham 890
Extra scrambled eggs 990
bacon, onion, pepper, tomato  
Brutal scrambled eggs 1190
bacon, onion, sausage, mushroom, ham  
Huevos 990
tortilla, eggs, onion, garlic, tomato, chili, cheese  
Ham and eggs 790
Bacon and eggs 790
Spinach-cheese omelet 690
Greek omelet 890
bacon, tomato, feta cheese, basil  
Denver style omelet 890
bacon, onion, pepper, ham, cheese  
Mexican omelet 790
pepper, tomato, corn,onion, chili  
Diner Morningburger 890
hamburger bun, ham, eggs, mayo  
Bread fried in a coat of eggs 650
Pancake with butter and maple syrup 990
Gofry with maple syrup or cranberry jam 890
whipped cream  
Chips and salsa 690
Crispy chips with spicy tomato sauce  
Italian Wrap 1250
Mozzarella, tomato, rucola, basil mayonnaise in tortilla  
Tijuana chicken nuggets 1190
Deep fried chicken breast in slices with honey-mustard sauce  
Deep fried breaded camembert, cranberry jam 1190
Dip Shells 990
chips, guacamole, yogurt eggplant cream, Mayo  
Jacket potatoes 990
with cheese, sour cream, red onion  
Mexican mix 1290
jalapeno peppers stuffed with cheddar, deep fried onion rings  
Quesadillas 1090
Tomatoes, lettuce, cheese with jogurt dressing in a tortilla  
Taco soup 890
minced beef with chili, tomatoes, cheese and tortilla chips  
Chicken succotas 890
creamy, spicy chicken with green bean  
French onion soup 690
with croutons  
Aztec Tomato soup with cheese  690
Cold fruit soup 590
Cream of garlic cream soup 690
with croutons  
Hot Jalapeno soup 890
Jalapeno, smoked cheese, corn  
Cheddar cheese soup 890
Broadway salad 1390
lettuce, fresh vegetables, egg, grilled chicken breast, mayo, grated cheese toast  
Greek salad 1390
lettuce, cucumber, onion, tomato, olive oil and olives, oregano, feta cheese  
Caprese salad 1190
tomato, mozzarella, basil, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, capers  
Ceasar salad 1390
lettuce, tomato, cucucmber, chicken breast, garlic croutons  
Mexican chicken salad 1390
lettuce, tomato, corn, grilled chicken breast, mexican dressing, tortilla chips  
Diner M salad 1390
lettuce, cucumber, tomato, grilled chicken breast, garlic yoghurt, toast  
Betty Boop's salad 1190
lettuce, pepper, tomato, dill dressing, cheese  
Nopal Chef salad 1190
Cactus leaf, pepper, tomato, cucumber, red onion,   
Plain hot-dog with french fries 890
Bacon and cheese hot-dog with french fries 990
onion-dressing 990
Egg and cheese hot-dog with french fries 990
onion-dressing 990
Mexican chili hot-dog with french fries 990
oniondressing, chili sauce,  leek, frankfurter, cheese  
Brutal hot-dog with french fries 1190
onion dressing, frankfurter, cheese, bacon, boiled egg, tomato  
Club sandwich 1290
lettuce, bacon, chicken breast, tomato, egg, mayonnaise  
Cheese sandwich 1190
3 kinds of cheese, cucumber, tomato, green pepper, mayo  
Ham sandwich 1190
boiled egg, pickles, green pepper, tomato, ham, mayo  
BLT sandwich 1190
bacon, pickles, leek, tomato, mayo  
Chicken sandwich 1290
chicken in cheese sauce, tomato,pepper, mayo  
Deluxe grilled chicken sandwich 1290
chicken,pepper, tomato, onion, mozzarella, cheddar, garlic,mayo  
Turkey-cheese packed sandwich with mushroom 1290
grilled turkey breast pieces, sautéed mushroom and cheese on top  
Sirloin steak sandwich 1490
Sirloin strips, mustard, tomato, mayo  
Mexican sandwich 1190
minced beef, hot chili beans, grated cheese, worchester sauce  
Al Capone sandwich 1190
Pork steak, tomato, pepper, mayo  
Tuna sandwich 1190
tuna cream, smoked cheese, pickles, tomato, mayo  
Grilled vegetable sandwich 990
zucchini, eggplant, pepper, tomato, grilled onion, mayo  
Hamburger with french fries 1390
meatball, leek, pickles, ketchup  
Bacon-cheeseburger with french fries 1690
meatball, cheese, bacon, leek, pickles, ketchup  
Chickenburger with french fries 1590
chicken meatball, pickles, tomato, mayo  
Fishburger with french fries 1290
fried fish, pickles, tomato, mayo, salad  
Mexican burger with guacamole and french fries 1490
a cake of spicy minced beef, tomato, cheese, ketchup, spicy avocado sauce  
Grilled jalapeno buffalo burger with french fries 1590
a cake of spicy minced beef, chili sauce, jalapeno, onion, cheese  
Combo burger with french fries 1690
chicken, sirloin steak, onion, tomato, chili sauce  
B.B.Q. Burger with french fries 1590
meatball, cheese, BBQ, tomato  
Spicy-onion burger with french fries 1390
meatball, pickles, leek, red onion, camembert, ketchup  
Brutalburger with french fries 2190
doublemeatball, cheese, bacon, boiled egg, pickles, leek, tomato, ketchup  
Giga Burger'M 3990
500g  meatball, cheese, bacon, leek, pickles, tomato,ketchup  
Main courses  
B.B.Q. chicken wings with  potato rosti  1790 
Dakota chicken wings with mashed potato  1790 
spicy chicken wings marinated in coke   
Diner M chicken wings with mashed potato  1790 
in honey and garlic sauce  
Cajun chicken wings with french fries  1790 
spicy fried chicken wings  
Chicken fajitas  2390 
sautéed paprika, chicken slices in tortilla with mexican veggie mix  
Chili con carne  1790 
grinded beef cooked with chili and red beans  
Chicken burrito  2190 
cheese, chicken breast in tortilla with mexican veggie mix  
BBQ chicken steak with potato  1790 
Alice springs chicken with cheese, and  mashed potato  2290 
chicken breast in mustard, with mushroom cooked on top, with bacon and cheese  
Baby's favorite chicken with fresh mixed salad  1990 
chicken breast rolled in bacon with mustard, spicy  
Brooklyn Chickenfilet with rice and mushroom  1990 
deep fried chicken breast with ham, grilled cheese, in white wine  
 Roast chicken breast with mushroom sauce with croquette  1990 
chicken breast, thyme, mushroom, garlic, with cream-wine  
Tenderloin in devil sauce, with rice and chips  3,190 
Tenderloin in Mandarin sauce, with potato rosti  3,390 
Eleanor steak with spicy baked potato  2890 
Sirloin, almond sauce jacket  
Sirloin steak in pink peppercorn sauce with potato rosti  2890 
B.B.Q. Ribs   1990 
Pork spear ribs with potatoes  
Boneless ribs steak in mustard sauce with jacket potato  1890 
sour cream, cheese, red onion  
Chicken&bacon Wrap american coleslaw(with mayonnaise) & french fries  1990 
Chickenbreast, pickles, cheese, bacon, pepper, tomato in a tortilla  
Mexican chicken Wrap with tortillachips  2100 
Avocado, corn, pepper, onion, salad, sour cream in a tortilla  
Tenderloin steak-Wrap with american coleslaw(with mayonnaise) & french fries  2100 
Sirloin pieces, Jalapeno, cheese, tomato, onion in a tortilla  
Vegetarian wrap  1490 
grilled vegetables with basil mayonnaise in tortilla cheese  
Menu for kids  
Western chicken breast with french fries 990
Texas style grilled chicken with mashed potato 990
Dinoburger with french fries 990
Ice-cream goblet with fresh fruits 790
Brownie 990
Chocolate sponge cake with vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream  
Carrot cake with mascarpone cream 790
New York cheesecake with blueberries 890
Nutella pancake with sourcherries, walnuts and vanilla sauce 1190
Marylin's dream 890
with cream, and caramelized pineapple  
American Pie  chocolate 890