Our history

The DINERM is a fast food as well as a 24 hour á la carte restaurant. These relatively small but conspicuous buildings first appeared in America in 1930 and were built next to wide roads. The  "DinerM's" Golden Age was in the 50's. It served not only as a place to eat but also as a place for socializing. It became a popular meeting spot for the young, crowds stepping out of their big american cars gathered around the jukebox and parking lot. The chrome building gave the same clear impression as Jerry Lee Lewis's voice. Front wide neon lights made it possible to recognize the DinerM from far away.  The owners experimented with new materials such as neon,  glass  and mint green, aquamarine and salmon colored tiles. In the 60's, Interstate and Highwy outsed the DinerM chain and with the appearance of Fast Food, lost it's clientele base. The chain which had over 1000 restaurants, nowadays has just over 100 on display. The atmosphere coming from the restaurants also came to an end with their disappearance, but these days, the DinerM's  popularity is rising once again. The 50's style DinerMs have also taken over West-European cities such as Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels. The DinerMM restaurant in Siófok was opened in the summer of 2000 and is still a distinctive spot of Siófok's Petőfi promenade. There are many american specialties on the menu besides it's famous giant burgers. When visiting Siófok, don't miss out on DinerM M's great food and authentic retro feeling!